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The city of Conway was founded by A. P. Robinson, who came to Conway shortly after the Civil War. Robinson was the chief engineer for the Little Rock - Fort Smith Railroad (now the Union-Pacific). Part of his compensation was the deed to a tract of land, one mile square, located near the old settlement of Cadron. When the railroad came through, Robinson deeded a small tract of his land back to the railroad for a depot site. He laid off a town site around the depot and named it Conway station, in honor of a famous Arkansas family.

Conway was designated the county seat of Faulkner County in 1873, the same year that the county was created by the legislature. In October 1875, Conway was incorporated and, at that time had a population of approximately 200.

For many years, Conway flourished as a trade center for a large rural agricultural area. Hendrix college was established in Conway in 1890. Three years later in 1893, Central College for Girls was established and Conway was on its way to becoming an educational center. The University of Central Arkansas was founded in Conway in 1907 as the Arkansas Normal School. Conway's economy was firmly established upon agriculture and educational institutions until World War II.

After the war, diversification of the economy was started by Conway businessmen when several small industries were located in Conway, including the headquarters for the Office of Emergency Services, the Human Development Center and the Arkansas Educational Television Network.

There are currently a number of major industries located in Conway. Some of those include: American Transportation, Acxiom, Frigidaire, Virco Manufacturing and Kimberly Clark.

Conway has also become the central gateway to the Ozarks. Many tourists stop off in Conway on their way to such places as Branson, Eureka Springs, Mountain View, Murfreesboro and Hot Springs.


Conway is located in Central Arkansas, 30 miles north of Little Rock on Interstate-40. Other major highways serving Conway are US highways 64 & 65. It is the County seat of Faulkner County.

This central location makes Conway a major distribution and service center for the Central Arkansas population. Within a 500 mile radius there are 17 states and 24 metropolitan areas which include over a third of the nation's population.

Conway is also a frequent stop over for travelers on their way to Branson. Conway is only 130 miles from Branson.

Conway's population was 26,481 according to the 1990 Census. Estimates now show the population at approximately 43,000. This shows a growth rate of about 5% each year. Estimates also show that by the year 2008 the population should be around 60,000. Conway is also home to approximately 11,000 college students who live in the city during the academic year. Conway is located in Faulkner county. The county population at the 1990 Census was 60,006 and is currently estimated at 76,000.

The Conway area has four distinct seasons: Mild winters, delightful springs, balmy summers and cool falls. Summer temperatures from June until August average 82 degrees. Water skiing, swimming and baseball usually begin in May and last into September.

Winter temperatures dip below 32 degrees 62 days a years. Snowfall is moderate. The average winter temperature is around 42 degrees.

Spring and Autumn bring moderate temperatures with a minimum of rainfall - ideal for tennis, boating, golfing and camping. Annual precipitation averages 46.27 inches. The average spring temperature is 65 degrees. The estimated growing season stretches from April to October. The annual average temperature for Conway is a pleasant 63 degrees.

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